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Our Services

Serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C., we provide private fastpitch pitching lessons for girls and our client base includes girls from the ages of 8 to 18 years of age. The training progresses from recreational ball to travel ball to college. Our main goal is to provide character building, leadership skills and help enhance girls’ self-esteem, especially those with economic challenges. This sport will also enable these girls to qualify for junior varsity, varsity softball teams in high school and to obtain college scholarships.

Teaching various skills and covering all of the fundamentals:

Warm-up, Grips, Pitching Tips, Pitching and Throwing, Conditioning, Speed, Fast Ball, Changeup, Curve Ball, Screw Ball, Rise Ball, Drop Ball, Rec ball, Travel Ball and High School. Private Lessons For Girls – 1 – 2 Times Per Week and/or group lessons Building character, self-motivation, leadership skills and confidence through sports.